Portfolio Design


Don’t Give Up On International Stocks

International stocks are solid investments worthy of your investing dollars, despite the fact that many US companies receive significant revenue from other countries. Allocating a reasonable portion of a public equity portfolio to international stocks adds valuable diversification.

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6 Ways To Increase Your Risk Tolerance

There are times when an investor has a desire, and perhaps even a need, to take more risk than he currently has the ability to tolerate emotionally or even fiscally. Increasing his ability to tolerate investment risks can allow him to successfully take more risk.

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150 Portfolios Better Than Yours

As investors move from their investment childhood through the teenage years, many of them seem to almost become fixated on designing the perfect portfolio. They've learned the importance of buy and hold, the importance of keeping costs low, and the importance of using passive investments over active ones. But investing is far more about sticking with a good enough portfolio than continually searching for the perfect one. Chances are, these 150 portfolios are all better than yours. Pick one and stick with it.

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Uncompensated Risk

The more I learn about investing, the more I realize it is about controlling risk and accepting the returns you get than it is about chasing the returns you want and accepting the risk you get.  It is...

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The Default Portfolio

In many aspects of life, there is a default option.  Take hypertension for instance.  If a patient comes in and you newly diagnose them with hypertension, what do you put them on?  Well, barring exten...

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