I have written about student loan refinancing frequently since 2013 when companies started refinancing again. There are a few other companies out there doing this, but these companies generally provide the best rates and experience. I have negotiated a special deal with each of these companies, so when you refinance with them, they pay you $100-300. Yes, I get paid too, don’t worry.

Lend Key – $300 back to youPrint

At Lend Key, formerly known as CU Student Loans, all loans are funded by community lenders. You can consolidate and refinance federal and private student loans, including undergraduate and graduate school debt for 5, 10, or 15 year terms. Recently, they upgraded their experience and now have even lower rates and more options (over 300) for lenders who will refinance your loans. As a WCI reader, if you use the links on this page, you get an extra $300 in your pocket when you refinance with Lend Key.

Common Bond – $300 back to you

CommonBond saves doctors $30K on average. You can refinance federal and private loans and choose from 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 year terms – whichever works best for you. Additionally, they refinance Parent PLUS loans for those who may have taken out loans for their children. You also have the option of transferring Parent PLUS loans to your graduated children to help them start building their credit. In the case of economic hardship, you can put your loan payments on hold for up to two years over the life of your loan. As a WCI reader, if you use the link on this page, you get an extra $300 in your pocket when you refinance with CommonBond.


SoFi – $300 back to you*

Hundreds of WCI readers have refinanced with SoFi over the last 1-2 years saving literally millions of dollars in interest. If you apply via the links on this page, not only will I get paid if you close a loan, but you’ll get paid too- $300. If you’re smart, you’ll just have them apply that to your loan balance, but I suppose you could use it to buy a frosty at Wendy’s every day for 10 months too if you want. Disclaimer.







Credible – $350 back to you

Credible is the “Kayak” (hotels) of student loan refinancing. When you apply through them, you can apply to 8 different lenders, most of which are not on this page at all, with a single, short application. They have had success getting doctors refinanced who were striking out with many other lenders. They have one interest-only option that might work for some residents in their last two years with a household income of $75K+.



Earnest – $300 back to you

On average, clients save $36,465 when refinancing with Earnest. Choose custom terms to fit your budget – like picking your exact monthly payment or switching between fixed and variable rates at no charge. Earnest’s Precision Pricing matches your custom term with a custom interest rate — saving you even more money when refinancing. You won’t be passed off to a third-party servicer nor penalized for making payments early. Your family is always protected with loan forgiveness in cases of death and dismemberment. Get $300 when you sign a loan with Earnest using links on this page.


LinkCapital – $250-300 back to you

LinkCapital offers two programs built specifically for medical professionals; the Medical Professional Program and Medical Resident Program. While both cater to medical professionals, the LinkCapital Residency Program is unique because it provides deferment during residency and fellowship periods. Borrowers in this program may qualify for an added rate reduction discount of 1.42% – 2.00% during the principal and interest repayment periods. There are no upfront costs, annual fees or prepayment penalties in either program. Borrowers have the ability to refinance at any time with no fees to take advantage of more favorable interest rates. There is complete loan forgiveness in the event of death or disability for the borrower or co-signor. WCI applicants who take a LinkCapital Professional Program loan will receive a $300 incentive and applicants in the Resident Program will receive a $250 incentive.


Darien Rowayton Bank (DRB) – $300 back to you

DRB is another huge player in this market and is a long time advertiser with The White Coat Investor. Hundreds of WCI readers have refinanced with them, often reporting they offered the lowest rate of all companies. If you apply via the links on this page and close a loan, you’ll get paid $300. They also have a resident refinancing program with $100 per month payments during residency, although expect rates to be higher than an attending would get.




First Republic Bank – $200 back to you

First RepublicReviewed here, First Republic offers the lowest rates I’ve seen yet, with fixed rates starting at 1.95% (at least as of March 2016.) Unfortunately, they only lend to folks who live near their branches- in California, New York City, Boston, Greenwich CT, Portland OR, and Palm Beach FL. But if you live in those areas, take advantage! In order to get the negotiated WCI deal, email cindy@whitecoatinvestor.com with the words “First Republic Referral” in the subject line for a direct referral or contact my banker Kerry Berchtold at 339-235-0419 or kberchtold@firstrepublic.com and let her know you were referred by WCI.