New Players In Student Loan Refinancing

I write a lot about student loan refinancing. I know some long term readers, especially those who don’t have student loans any more are probably sick of it. Frankly, it was a big pain for me to learn about student loan management myself, since I never really had any significant loans. But I keep writing about it for a few reasons. First, it is immensely important to many readers. My email box and blog comments … Continue reading

Student Loan Refinancing- A Head to Head Competition

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by my business manager. We have a serious financial relationship and immense financial conflicts of interest as you might expect. In fact, this is probably the first “paid post” we’ve had on this site, since I’m sure she billed me for the time she spent writing this. At any rate, Cindy has been working here at The White Coat Investor for nearly a year now. She is … Continue reading

Student Loan Refinance Rates Drop Again

I was reminded once more this week while speaking to a group of physicians that there are many, many graduating residents out there who owe $300K, $400K, or even more in high-interest student loans. If you’re not going to be going for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, then it would behoove you to refinance those loans and then live like a resident until they’re paid off. I’ve written before about student loan refinancing. You basically couldn’t … Continue reading

New Options for Student Loan Refinancing

It’s been nearly a year since I did my first post on student loan refinancing. That page continues to be one of the most frequently visited on the blog. I remember being pretty excited to see anybody refinancing student loans at that point. Over the last year, a few other companies/banks have gotten in on the act. Hopefully this is a growing trend. There have been a lot of growing pains for the companies doing … Continue reading

Refinance Your Medical School Loans At A Lower Rate

[Update:Although I didn’t have a financial relationship with either of these companies when this article was written, I do now. DRB has paid me for advertising and I have an affiliate agreement with SoFi (meaning if you actually refinance with them through one of the links on this page I get paid.)] One of the things I feel the worst about for current students, residents, and new attendings is that not only do they have … Continue reading