Crowdlending For Real Estate – Guest Post

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Lawrence Fassler at Realty Mogul. We have no financial relationship at this time.] Credit markets are continually evolving.  The peer-to-peer lending businesses like LendingClub and Prosper, which sprang up to better service some consumer credit markets, showed that profitable financial sub-markets (like credit card re-finance) still exist. Real estate credit markets offer a familiar appeal to individuals whose house is often their largest single asset.  Mortgages might … Continue reading

The Proper Ratio for Retirement Tax Diversification

Nearly every educated financial advisor agrees that tax diversification is a great idea when planning for your distributions in retirement.  Tax diversification means having some of your assets in tax-deferred accounts (fully taxed upon withdrawal), some of your assets in Roth accounts (tax-free upon withdrawal), and some of your assets in taxable accounts (earnings taxed at lower long-term capital gains/dividend rates, or tax-free in the case of municipal bonds).  However, it can be very difficult … Continue reading

How To Dump Your Whole Life Policy


I discuss whole life insurance all the time on this blog.  I don’t actually post about it all that much, but the comments on these posts number over 1000, and go on for years and years after the post is written. Most of the posts address whether or not you should buy a whole life policy (or its cousins, Universal Life and Variable Life).  I generally recommend against them, and the insurance salesmen who love … Continue reading

High Quality Disability Insurance at a Discount Through Principal – Guest Post

Joe Capone, ChFC, LUTCF

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Joe Capone, an insurance agent and a regular guest poster on the blog. Although this isn't a paid post, he is a regular advertiser on the blog. His websites, and, provides lots of good information and tools including instantaneous quotes for term life insurance that don't require you to disclose any personal information. In this post, he discusses some of the unique aspects of disability … Continue reading

The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA

I don’t hear about new ideas very often, but here is one that a few people might find very useful.  I call it the “Mega Backdoor Roth IRA.”  There are several variations.  Two of them work well for selected people, but after discussing the third with several retirement plan experts, it probably isn’t a viable option. Prior to getting into the variations, I need to point out that most physicians and most Americans probably don’t … Continue reading

Starting a 401K/Profit-Sharing Plan For A Small Practice – Friday Q&A Series

Q. How can I tell if it will be beneficial to start a 401K/Profit-Sharing Plan for my solo practice?  I have several employees.  At what point am I better off investing in a taxable account instead of starting a 401K/Profit-Sharing Plan? A. I’ve been thinking about this question for months.  It is an exceptional question, without a definite right answer.  401K/Profit-Sharing Plans have both costs and benefits, especially for the company owner.  You have to … Continue reading

A Financial Advisor’s Advice For The New Attending – Guest Post

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from James D. Osborne, MBA, CFP®, of Bason Asset Management, a low-cost, fee-only ($4500 per year for financial planning and asset management) advisor in Colorado and one of my advertisers. This post is full of common-sense advice for a new attending.] So you’ve spent the last decade or so getting educated, specializing, doing a residency and now you’re out, as an attending or in private practice. You’re getting … Continue reading

The White Coat Investor Virtual Book Tour

WCICoverfor SDN

Self-publishing a book can be a lot of work. Not only do you get to be the author, but you also get to either be or hire out everything else including editing, cover design, e-book convertor, marketer, layout specialist, publisher etc. Luckily, Amazon and similar companies take care of the printing and distributing for me (don’t worry, they’re getting a nice fat cut for their trouble.) The marketing of a book that is essentially only … Continue reading

QuantiaMD Series Part 1- Live Like A Resident


I’ve started doing a series of Webinar-style presentations at QuantiaMD.  This is the first in the eight part series. I plan on posting a link to each of them as they are published every two to four weeks.  Each of them will run just five to ten minutes. I think this one is closer to ten. QuantiaMD is a physician-only online educational resource filled with lots of presentations, mostly on clinical medicine. In order to … Continue reading

Physician Contract Reviews – Contract Diagnostics

Contract Diagnostics Banner

Jon Appino’s firm, Contract Diagnostics is one of my long term advertisers. I thought an interview with him about physician contract reviews would be interesting to readers. This is a rough transcript of the interview. Tell me about your background, your business, and how you got into it. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was young. I started a company when I was 17, another at 20.  After college and an MBA I worked in … Continue reading